David Wang

CEO and Founder of PHD Capital. Actively involved in the crypto space since 2013. Investor and advisor to many early-stage projects.

Jackson Chan

Co-founder of PHD Capital. Early investor and advisor to multiple DeFi and GameFi protocols. Advises on incentive models and tokenomics. Former Lead Engineer at Synthetix.

DeFi Educator

Web3 & DeFi Educator. In-House Research Analyst and Content Writer. Established writer on Twitter who regularly shares valuable insights about the world of Decentralized Finance and Crypto in general.


Huy Vu

Co-Founder of AlphaDAO

Clay Gongora

Early Bitcoin adopter in 2013. Alpha DAO Member, helped raise funds for startup projects, invested in multiple seed rounds, Host of Wen Moon Podcast. and has extensive knowledge in DeFi.

Tommy So

Co-Founder & COO of NFTb
A top 3 NFT market place and launchpad on BSC

Natalie Salemink

Founder & CEO of Skadi Labs
Founder & CEO of Prismatic Labs
Forbes 30 Under 30