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PHD Capital is a Web3 investment fund with a focus on early stage venture in three main verticals: DeFi, SocialFi and infrastructure with an emphasis on the application layer.

Our goal is to create a path for outsized returns by sourcing and investing in early pre-seed and seed stage projects.

Our approach is to invest in innovative ideas and strong founders who are building  new disruptive protocols.

The Crypto Markets are moving at a rapid pace.

There is a high barrier to entry for newcomers.
Keeping up with Crypto markets is a full time job.Most new yield farmers are losing money.

Seed deals are only offered to funds and institutions.

We believe that just as software ate the world over the last decade, Web3.0 will do so in the decade to come.


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Our Thesis

Just as software ate the world over the last decade, Web 3.0 will do so in the decade to come.

Because we expect BTC to outperform other traditional assets, we therefore strive for a steadily rising BTC denominated equity curve over time.

We balance out the volatility inherent in Crypto with yield farming, hedging, smart contract insurance and an actively managed and balanced token portfolio. As well as the big upside seed deals and pre-sales offer us.


Our core holdings include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stable coins.
Our thesis is that these assets give the best risk-adjusted returns in all market conditions.

Their relative stability compared to other crypto assets make them best suitable for our yield farming strategies.
The fund also holds various blue chip NFT projects such as Bored Apes and Crypto Punks.

We support new and upcoming startup projects through our incubator program that provides funding and advisory.


The vast majority of the crypto assets managed are held in secure ledger hardware wallets by the fund managers.

On top of that multi-signature wallet solutions are implemented operated by GnosisSafe.

The Gnosis Safe Multi-sig solution is used and trusted by some of the leading protocols in the space such as Consensys, Synthetix, AAVE and more.

A small amount of assets are held on the leading exchanges such as FTX and Binance for trading purposes.